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Our Mission

Our mission is to preach to the gospel to the world be cause Jesus can come at any time, and we want you to be ready. We aim to provide the best teaching of the Bible to our members.

Our Philosophy

We believe in being fair, honest, and upfront in all business we conduct in our church, because must practice what we preach.  

                                                                              Our History                                                                            

First Haitian Baptist Church of Green Cove Springs, Florida was founded by Reverend Jean Soifaite Siliac in 1982 along with his wife Yvette Siliac, who gave him a great deal of support in order for it to be possible. The church started in Green Cove Springs, Florida, in his apartment building with his wife and his oldest son, Zachary Siliac along with Alfred Merilan, Nicolas Pierre, Claircina Siliac, Miguel Simeon and louisena Siliac, his mother. Later, He purchased a house; in his house, he chose the garage to be the temple of God. Many people started to attend service, so he then rented an office space building to accommodate everyone. However, the building was not in a very good shape, so he rented a building that was in a better condition. Next, he rented a building that was in a much better condition than the previous. He stayed there for a while until the land lord terminated his contract. He was not going to let anybody jeopardize this great work he and his wife started for the Lord. He and the church members put together some money along with the help of the Black Creek Association and purchased a big building that can accommodate many people, in Green Cove Springs, Florida. He preached there for a long time; he also founded a church in Turbe, Haiti. In 2002, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and a year later passed away. Before his death, he had appointed Pastor Fritzner Jean to continue the ministry. Pastor Fritzner held the position for about 3 years and then the ministry was transferred to pastor Joselin Civilus who is currently the pastor of First Haitian Baptist Church of Green Cove Springs, Florida.